Company News

1.) Important notice: Please identify the genuine brand “Austbo 歐の宝” of our company to avoid buying parallel imports with low prices. For details, please contact our company
2.) “Austbo 歐の宝” won the “Best Cooking Stove” award from PCCW for 3 consecutive years
3.) The company became the Hong Kong general agent of South Korea’Taeyang Alps’ camping gas tank
4.) Oubao Air Conditioner Cleaner is officially launched, eliminating the trouble of cleaning the air conditioner
5.) Our company became the only local agent in Hong Kong who won the award of the two largest cassette gas tank manufacturers in Korea
6.) Ou の Bao strong fire casserole stove, suitable for Poon Choi, chicken stew, side stove
7.) The latest product promotion: Electromagnetic + electric ceramic embedded / table mixed double-head furnace
8.) A number of products of the company have won the Hong Kong safety mark certification, and the certificate was awarded by Professor Sun Dong JP, Director of the Innovation and Technology Bureau